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♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

Monday, January 31, 2011

AL-FATIHAH to my beloved cousin....we love u soo much..


"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. All the praises & thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Âlamîn. The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. The Only Owner of the Day of Recompense. You (Alone) we worship, & You (Alone) we ask for help. Guide us to the Straight Way. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray." [1:1-7] Ameen..


It was raining on her last day.... to all my blogger friends.. please, if you have some time, recite AL-FATIHAH for my beloved cousin who just passed away on Saturday, 29 January 2011 @ 11.20 am at Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC)...

"She was only 35 and been married for only 10 months..."

She was a lovely person and always energetic even though she's been diagnosed with a cancer in her womb/ stomach (i can't remember) at the end of year 2008.... I remember at that time, I just came back from US after finishing my degree there.. she was one of my closest cuzin since her house is located just behind my house..

Of course, when she first time knew about her cancer, she was depressed (at that time, it was near Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2008.) Sooner later, she was back to her normal life again.... working at Petronas and living a normal life like usual.. I always thought that she gonna get well as before since she was always hiding her illness and we saw her as if she has no cancer at all.

On her wedding day.... March 2010

Alhamdulillah, she finally got married on March 2010 after her husband proposed on December 2009. I was really happy for her. & she was lucky to have someone like her husband who always care about her despite her illness... i remember my cousin once said to me why she accept her husband's proposal:

" Azad kata nk kawin dengan kak mie sebab dia nk jaga kak mie kalau sakit nanti.."

Well, it is true. Her husband took care of her until her last moment. (terharu jugak tgk pergorbanan yang dibuat oleh suami my cuzin...) She looks very happy on her wedding day and we all forgot about her illness... as if she was a healthy person at that time.. believe me, she also gained some extra weight at that time.=)

Then, during last Hari Raya Aidiladha 2010 , my cuzin was rushed into SJMC after she claimed that she wasn't feeling well.

Since then, she's been hospitalized until her last moment....her husband as promised took a very good care of her...always sleeping by her side everyday and rarely left her alone in the hospital (except for work). His house is no longer a place to sleep. He just come back to take a shower and then go for work.The rest of his time is spent with her beloved wife...I also remember my cuzin once said to her in parent-in-law who came to visit her;

"Terima kasih sebab kurniakan anak seperti Azad..."

Well, usually I am not an emotional person, but when I last saw her body
and face covered with a white blanket last Saturday, I felt unbelievably sad. I cried like a small kid. (orang kata jangan nangis kalau tgk orang meninggal.... tp well... i did cry soo bad smpai my mom bawak i kuar from her room coz I dah teresak2 smpai xckup nafas)

Actually, me, my husband n my eldest sister just visited her last 2 weekends (during my husband's bday). Although she looks weak at that time, but she was able to tell joke and have a conversation with us. It was as if she's going to get well soon. But last week, she was getting weaker and weaker.. so my mom all the way from Kelantan decided to come to visit her and my mom and my auntie arrived on Thursday, 27 Jan. They slept in the hospital together and took turns to take care of my cuzin.

My mom then came to visit me at Putrajaya on Friday, 28 Jan and said to me;

"Kak mie dah start bercakap yang bukan-bukan.... kejap ckp nmpk orang kat sana..kejap kat sni.. kejap cakap macam orang tgh meeting... dan bila ma baca surah Yassin kat telinga dia.. dia kata " sedapnya dengar mak su pah baca Yassin... clear je... "

I also remember my mom was saying that my cuzin started saying weird things as if she was recalling back her old times... from my mom's words, i co
uld tell that my cuzin was slowly recalling her past with her family, friends, husband, and work.. although her words at that time weren't clear enough for us to understand..

The specialist who took care of my cuzin @ SJMC also said to my auntie that she can let my cuzin eats whatever she wants now... since she only have 2 -3 days to live.. so my cuzin eats a lot on that Friday including nasi, air milo etc...

" sedapnya air teh nih.... lama betul xminum..."

Well, it's true, since my cuzin was hospitalized, she only been given milk and some liquid foods to support her body... so when she was given the chance to eat whatever she wants, she ate like she never eat anything before..

On Friday afternoon also, many of her friends, bosses and so on came to visit her and at that time although she was weak, she's still able to recognize every one of them. What's more, she have her time to say sorry to everyone who have visited her;

" Maaflah kalau ada buat salah-silap selama nih.."

On 29 Jan, Saturday morning, my mom called me and said that they decided to bring back my cuzin to Kelantan in 2 hours (at that time my husband was o
ut for his class at Wangsa Maju so I couldn't come to see her in the hospital). I then text my husband;

" Ma cakap diorang nk bawak kak mie balik Kelantan dengan ambulans.. so xsempat la g lawat dia ptg nanti "

We actually did planned to visit her after my husband finish his class.. but when I text my husband, he said that he felt that something is going to happen, so he skipped the class and go straight to visit my cuzin. At that time, when my husband arrived at the hospital, my cuzin was really sick and couldn't talk anymore. What's more, my husband were there, witnessing the last moment when my cuzin passed away.. he called me immediately after that, with his voice, I could guessed that my husband was crying..;

" Aja... kak mie dah meninggal... "

I cried when I heard the news. Then,my husband asked me to get ready so that he could pick me up later to bring me to the hospital. When I reached there at noon,
almost all of my relatives were already at the hospital. I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I look at my cuzin's body laying on the bed. It seems like we just talk to each other yesterday and suddenly she's gone. She's too young to be sick... but I believe that Allah knew best..

During her akad nikah at Tanah Merah, Kelantan

She's been suffering for 2 years (since late 2008) and I knew that we should accept the reality that she's already gone.. On that time, I saw many of us were crying, especially her parent-in-law and friends.. so the plan to bring back my cuzin to Kelantan by ambulance was delayed to settle all the arrangements to bring her body back to Kelantan..

Immediately after Zuhur prayer, her body was brought to Masjid Munawwarah, Seksyen 27, Shah Alam for mandi & sembahyang jenazah.. After Asar, her body was transported back to Kelantan by a Petronas ambulance... my cuzin's mom, my other auntie and my mom were together with my cuzin in the ambulance..

They arrived safely at Tanah Merah, Kelantan at almost 4 am... and my cuzin's body were buried after Subuh prayer yesterday...

Well,until today, I couldn't believe that she's gone... ='(

" Semoga Allah tempatkan kak mie di kalangan orang2 yang beriman... Amin.. we love u soo much sist.."

p/s: If you have time, please sedekahkan Yassin juga for arwah my cuzin ye.. terima kasih banyak2..


Thursday, January 27, 2011

34 weeks checkup, BSP (lagi) & updates...

Comelnya baby girl nih.....xsabar nk tunggu our baby lak... =)

Salam kawan2....(^_^)

It's Thursday already!!!Cepatnya masa berlalu...huhu....kejap je sy dah 34 weeks!Lagi 6 weeks dah bleh dapat baby ( officemate kate kalau tgk my tummy xsampai 40 weeks dah bleh bersalin....huhu)

Honestly, not having any experience on delivering a baby buatkan sy sedikit takut...tipu la kalau kata xtakut nk deliver first baby nih kan... huhu.. skrg nih pun perut asek mengeras je.. kalau buat kerja byk sgt kadang2 akan jadi sakit kat bawah plak aktif tak ingat skrg..hehe. =p.

"Comel je bila tgk my baby gerak2 dalam perut...kjap senget kiri..kjap senget kanan.=p"

hrm... routine keje sy mmg la busy... tp kadang2 bz terlampau...kdg2 bz tahap2 sederhana je.. hihi. for yr info, although i have a degree in Chemical Engineering, sy ditakdirkan bekerja dengan kerajaan sekarang.. huk huk.. almaklumlah... segala makan,minum dlu2 time belajar JPA tanggung... skrg kira keje dgn gomen la sbgai nk balas balik budi mereka.. hihihi =p.

Itulah alkisahnya, saya xda la experience sebagai seorang engineer... masa belajar dlu ada la skit2.. =p. skrg nih jadi PTD (pegawai takde duit?) =p. keje byk berlambak atas meja tiap2 hari... teringat hari tu masa pergi checkup then suddenly nurse tanya keje sebagai apa... then saya jawab la ptd. Then dia kata balik;

"o....patutlah....keje u banyak stress ni..."

Stress ke..?hrm...xde la sgt...cuma byk keje tu betul la... huhu. Tapi rasenya lagi stress kalau keje dengan private mcam my husband... sian le jugak.. tp bonus masyukk keje private nih!!! tp xpe lah... pasnih nk jaga anak senang keje gomen... at least me keje gomen, my husband keje private okey la... dua-dua dapat benefit.. huhu.

Ok lah,

cite lain pasal myself, pagi nih ada 34 months checkup! Alhamdulillah sumenya ok... baby pun sihat... the day before lak p buat BSP. Nasib baik result okey.. huhu. tp still la... next 2 weeks (me @ 36 weeks) sy kene jumpa doktor pakar since dah almost time and ada risiko.. bila2 masa je boleh deliver.... cuak le jugak.. huhu. Tapi, stakat nih although i p checkup kat gomen clinic je... sy amat la berpuas hati dengan service
yg diberikan (except kene tunggu lama skit tu biasa la kan...ramai orang..)huhu

Kene cucuk amek darah juga dah jadi perkara biasa for me... sdgkan time before pregnant dlu i jarang sgt sakit & xpenah kene amek darah... lagi2 time buat BSP... cucuk kat tempat sama berulang kali pun xrasa apa dah.. huhu.. nurse jugak dah tukar sticker kat buku preggie nih... sebab sy golongan berisiko.. huhu.

Dari sticker hijau ke putih then ke kuning..... huhu

minggu depan lak cuti 3 hari CNY + Hari Wilayah... yeay =)!!dah apply jugak for extra cuti on Wednesday coz nk pindah rumah baru!YE KENGKAWAN!SAYA DAH DAPAT RUMAH BARU...akan pindah insyaAllah cuti CNY nih... sape2 kat area Putrajaya nih bleh roger la kalu nk dtg tlg2 saya ye.. hihi. =p

p/s: Owh, time to go home!bos xde hari nih leh balik awal! yay lagi !=p


Monday, January 24, 2011

♥My husband's 26th b-day!!! =) ♥

cuppie cupcakes for my sweetheart!=)

Salam semua!(^_^)

How r u today?Hope semuanya sihat sejahtera...& just becoz it's Monday, jgn la Monday blues plak...hehehe.Lg2 for me yg dapat cuti 4 days in a row...pergh..mmg sangat best cuti lama2 nih!!Tp surprisingly, sy sgt looking forward untuk dtg office today! (agaknya sebab rindu kat meja office yg bersepah2 kot!)hahaha =p

Ok lah, last Thursday kita dapat cuti Thaipusam kan?sy pun sambung Jumaat cuti just untuk celebrate my husband's birthday who just turned 26 on 21 January 2011!!


Wahh...dah tua dah my husband nih....skrg umur saya baru 25 tahun 2 bulan...dia dah masuk 26 =p. Actually kami sebaya tapi my husband kira tua skit la coz lahir bulan January and me on November!=p. & I didn't call him "abang" coz kami sebaya... hehe.InsyaAllah in the future akan panggil "abang" la...maybe lepas dapat baby... (sekarang nih panggil sayang je...=p)

Mengimbas kenangan lalu...cheeewah.... kami berkenalan when we're doing preparation kat INTEC untuk ke US... back then, we didn't even speak to each other sebab kelas lain2.... tgk2 pun dari jauh je.. haha. Well, ada la jugak sekali sekala berborak since one of my friend yg i rapat adalah roomate my husband!=p. Masa belajar kat US la kami mula berkenalan dengan lebih rapat... we soon become bestfriend and soon become couple and then we got married!=)Alhamdulillah...

Ok lah,

Aktiviti pada hari Jumaat @ b-day my husband macam biasa pagi2 ada mesti ada keje kene buat.. (kalau tak, taknye my husband sanggup apply cuti....huhuhu ) So, kami p bank untuk sign agreement kete! InsyaAllah we'll be getting our new car soon....=). Pastu after Friday prayer baru pergi celebrate my husband's birthday kat Midvalley & the Gardens... tpi before that, sy sempat pickup cupcakes for my husband!=). Terkejut dia bila sy tunjuk cupcakes kat dia! hahaha =p

Happy bday dear....saya sayang awak....muahsx =p

Tmbahan plak, my husband pkai baju sama tema dengan cupcakes! Actually saya pun xtau nk buat design cupcakes apa nk bagi kat my husband... yang terlintas di fikiran just MU's theme sebab my husband nih kira fanatik jugak dengan MU...huhu tp xsangka jugak dia pakai baju MU hari tu.. =p

"Surprise....!!! Happy birthday sayang....!!! hehe=)"

& malam Khamis sebelum tu, macam biasa my sister datang jugak kali nih semata-mata untuk bershopping di KL... yela kat Kelantan mana ada shopping complex yang besar2... so kira sebulan sekali jugak dia datang KL untuk jalan2 & tgk movies! & perabis duit setelah penat berkerja..... huhu

So, after Friday prayer, kami bawak la my sister pusing2 Midvalley, shopping barang2 baby skit, shopping barang untuk ma + abah skit.... & then after Maghrib, we had our dinner @ TGIF kat the Gardens... not bad la TGIF... but I prefer CHILI's! Their foods are much much better! Tapi disebabkan saja je nk belanja my husband makan sempena bday & makan 'buffalo wing' yang diwar2 kan oleh kawan2 lain yg pernah pergi.. so kami pun decided to have dinner at TGIF!

Us at the Garden's... (saya sudah buncit...huhu)

Disebabkan saya sudah berat & xlarat nk jalan banyak2....lepas makan je terus balik rumah.... sampai rumah around 10pm.. me, my husband & my sister sume dah pancit xlarat... next day ada jalan2 lagi... kami jalan2 ke Sunway Pyramid on Saturday & jalan2 jugak on Sunday...pergh.. mmg pancit la last weekend! Tapi xpe lah.. yang penting sempat belanja my husband sempena bday dia & sempat bawak my sister shopping2!=)

Update pasal myself?

Hari Rabu nih kene p klinik lagi buat BSP... aduhh... tp Alhamdulillah.. saya mmg control makan skrg... & I am lucky to have my husband yg sentiasa bagi support kat saya =). Lagipun dah tinggal 6 weeks ++ before kami dikurniakan our cute little princess!

"Terima kasih sayang for taking a good care of me..=)"

p/s: My sister & my husband betul2 jaga pemakanan saya skrg... I no longer take sweet drinks or food... diet pun control.. minum air suam je.... sumenya untuk kebaikan our baby... Doakan kami sekeluarga agar kekal bahagia selamanya ye! =). Amin...

Birthday wishes for my husband... isi card xleh reveal... rahsia! hahaha =p


Saturday, January 15, 2011

32 weeks checkups, MGTT and BSP.....

Salam semua....!(^_^)

Bestnya hari ini dah weeekend....!!Sy bangun awal hari nih macam biasa prepare air panas &buat telur separuh masak untuk my husband yang nk g keje..... huhu & lagipun saya cuti semalam!=). Sebabnya....

Khamis, 13 January, sy pg buat Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (MGTT) sebab berat badan naik banyak last month... huhu... dan semalam juga,, masa pergi checkup 32 weeks bacaan glucose after the MGTT saya agak tinggi! (actually air gula kat sni rasa ok gak..rasa ribena cuma pekat skit..huhuhu =p)

Before (fasting): 5.3

After (glucose intake): 8.3

Actually, I thought my glucose level okay coz after habis checkup smlm, result darah belum kuar i cakap kat nurse i malas nk tunggu result coz lambat then dia kata xpe, nanti ptg dia call untuk bagitau result camne... kalau tunggu doktor bagtau result sngat lambat...then, petang tuh dia call ckp my sugar level is a lil' bit high so I have to come to the clinic again today untuk buat BSP test.

"Result darah dah kuar....bacaan glucose Puan xnormal sangat la...bleh tak datang klinik esok buat BSP?"

Alamak....tinggi la plak...ingatkan okey... tp bila mengenangkan yang sy agak suka makan benda2 manis lately, no wonder la bacaan glucose agak tinggi.. so, after nurse tu explain yang kene amek darah 4 kali.... saya malas nk ulang-alik pergi office so I apply for cuti segera dengan bos.huhu.nasib baik lulus!

Then, I called my sister yang keje doktor di O&G nk tnya pasal my test. Dia then explain I should be okay since bacaan xde la tinggi sangat...tinggi skit je... lagipun dia kata kat Kelantan ramai je ibu2 mengandung yang diabetic..... huhu. Tapi Alhamdulillah.... urine test, HB saya sume okay and baby pun sihat!

"Sangat bersyukur+gembira sgt dapat dengar degup jantung my little princess.....=)"

Few risks involved ibu-ibu diabetic nih termasuk kelahiran premature baby, baby besar etc... explain my sister kat saya... owhh..ic2... tp ianya bleh dikawal dengan mengawal makan lah.. kalau xleh kawal gak kene amek insulin... penat gak my sister membebel kat saya dan explain pasal BSP nih =p

Oklah, for BSP nih kene start puasa macam biasa buat MGTT...kul 10 malam. then 4 kali bacaan glucose di ambil from our blood:

Ini bacaan saya pada hari Jumaat, 14 January:

8 am: 3.8

11 am: 5.8

3 pm: 5.1

9 pm: 3.3 (nurse siap heran lagi napa rendah plak kali ni..huhu)

2 jam sebelum amek darah nih bleh makan....So, conclusionnya, my glucose control is normal!!... Alhamdulillah... tp pasni kene control makan la... kalau tak ada glucose level akan kembali tinggi..huhu

"No more sweet foods okay!Kalau tak kak suh yeop bagi makan ikan bakar je tiap-tiap hari"- kata my sis

Yela2...okey... aja try control makan, pasni xminum air manis2 n makan benda2 manis dah... sian baby.. mama & papa sayang sangat kat baby tau! Baby kene membesar dengan sihat + kuat + sempurna! Lagi 7 weeks lebih je nk jumpa papa & mama!=)

p/s: Semalam nurse sempat cakap dah bleh start packing barang2 mommy n baby nk bawa g hospital.... sy dah pack skit2 la kan..excited punya pasal..hehe... me & my husband can't wait to meet our little princess!!! Doakan kami semoga semuanya selamat & ok ye!=)Amin....


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear bloggers!!!Need your blog address please!

Ye kawan2...bloglist saya dah hilang!

Tolong ye..saya nk daptkan balik my beloved bloggers2 yg dah ada dalam my list...


Thank you!=)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Craving & check-up at 31 weeks!=)

Salam semua....!(^_^)

How are u beautiful ladies?

Saya officially dah 31 ++ weeks pregnant!Yeay!Another 8 weeks to go!!! =p. Last Thursday however, after pergi check-up kat klinik, berat badan naik mendadak...uwa!!!~~~~~~~~ kene minum la air gula Khamis nih...=(.

"Sticker kat buku pink daripada putih pun dah tukar hijau.. adehh"

Tapi xpe lah, mengenangkan ada org ckp air gula kat KK sni macam air ribena, teringin gak nk try..hihihi. My fren pun ckap it's a normal procedure for a pregnant lady like me! Cuma, I hope that sy xde kene kencing manis la.... coz my family history pun xde kencing manis nih...
tp mmg i admit that i suke sangat makan benda manis2 skrg! ho ho... kene control neh supaya xkene kencing manis! Lagi2 bile tgk makanan mcm di bawah nih....meleleh air liur beb..huhuhu

makanan kesukaan saya. sumber ihsan google =p

Sabar jela.... skrg nih pun dah start control.. pagi2 xmakan nasi dah...makan roti2 je & air manis pun minum kadang2 je.. hik hik.My husband dah start pantau balik my food. Kalau kuar makan dengan dia, dia mmg akan minum air kosong/ suam je.. coz dia mmg jenis yg jaga badan. Sebab tu sejak kawin nih ssh nk nmpk my husband berisi coz dia mmg susah nk naik berat badan! Walaupun tiap2 hari masak untuk dia..dan dia pun makan agak le banyak.. tp Alhamdulillah stakt nih maintain je. hehe

"Berat badan kami pun beza skit je b4 kawin..=p."

Ok, reaching 32 weeks, saya dah mmg xlarat nk bt keje rumah yg berat2. Stakt nk iron baju, basuh baju, masak skit2 tu larat lagi la. Cuma xleh keje berat2 sangat macam mengemop lantai ke..=). Kne tunggu weekend baru my husband dapat tlg. hehe.

I think I also experienced a lot of baby movements lately...kejap2 rasa ngilu, kejap2 perut senget kiri, senget ke kanan, geli pun ada...=)

"It is such a wonderful feeling...... sy akan rindukan saat-saat my baby ada dalam perut ni.."

Walaupun my baby sgt aktif, tp i noticed that after makan je dia akan senyap skit.... agaknya sebab kenyang kot.. muahahaha. Then, teringat my mom selalu ckp:

" Aja time baby dlu senang je nk jaga.... kalau merengek bagi susu je terus tido. pastu tido lama & susah plak nk bangun..kdg2 sampai risau ma sebab tido lama sangat.."

Ops, sampai skrg pun sy masih suke tido!!!!!!! wonder la sejak dri kecik dlu suka tido!=p. My baby nanti xtau la cmne...hopenya senang le nk jaga dia nanti... kan sayang...=). Baby skrg pun dah almost 1.8 kg dan panjang almost 42 cm... yeay, dah besar dah anak mama... mama & papa x sabar nk jumpa baby...lagi 8 minggu je=)

Later agenda this month & upcoming months (apart from my husband's b-day..hihihi):

1. We'll be getting a new ride!InsyaAllah....=).
2. Will move into a new house!
3. Will receive a gift from above...our baby to complete our small + happy family.InsyaAllah...=)

p/s: Semalam sempat shopping barang2 baby lagi with my bel♥ved husband....=). Sempat grab a pink baby mosquito net & napkin skali....mmg best shopping barang2 baby nih!hihihi. next time nk beli dress comel2 plak!=p


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1 Januari 2011 : Kenduri Doa Selamat Baby...=)

My husband was guarding me during the kenduri...hehe =p

Salam semua....!(^_^)

Lama betul xupdate blog nih...rasenya dah seminggu lebih...hihi..sorry ye coz xsempat mengupdate =p.

Alhamdulillah....berakhir sudah tahun 2010....& bermulalah juga tahun baru 2011.... &

Alhamdulillah juga tahun baru kali ini di sambut dengan kenduri do
a selamat untuk baby dan sempena saya dah genap 7 months pregnant!=)

My mom & dad flew over from Kelantan to Putrajaya just for this event!hihi....biasalah...cucu pertama!=p. Actually our baby will be the first cucu for both si
des of me and my husband's family....hrm..mmmg akan dimanjakanlah lepas nih!hihi...lagipun our baby akan jadi cicit pertama jugak!=p.

So everyone was very excited about me being pregnant!=p

Oklah...nk story-mory skit pasal kenduri doa selamat ni:

We have to pick up my mom & dad di LCCT airport pukul 11.30 malam..m
y husband dah ngntuk2 dah coz he has to work the next morning (xdapat cuti......huk huk). Me myself pulak mmg dapat cuti Khamis & Jumaat but! saya juga dapat MC coz sakit telinga.....malam tu jugak after pick up my parents terus g jumpa doktor coz xtahan sangat sakitnya.

Surprisingly, pagi tu my husband woke-up with a swollen eye...pergi jumpa doktor dan dapat le MC... hehehe.. kesian dia.last2 dapat jugak cuti.=p. Tapi mata bengkak le....nk drive pun kurang nampak..kasihan sayang...

Tapi dalam mata bengkak tu sempat jugak bawak my mom & dad pergi melawat my cuzin yang tengah sakit di SJMC....then sempat jugak la bawak jalan2 maka
n kat luar semua..

So we both dapat cuti (MC) hari Khamis!yeay!q(^o^)p

Pagi2 dah prepare nk balik kampung kat Bota, Perak.Singgah R&R Tapah beli jambu....hehe. and sampai rumah around 3pm....after rehat kejap2 bawak my mom & dad g jalan2 Lumut...sempat lagi beli dried seafood kat Lumut tu..huhu=p. Bukan takat tu je, sempat beli jam tangan, set manicure, selipar lagi kat Lumut!=p. Lepas Maghrib baru pulang ke rumah..

Bangun pagi2 Sabtu plak singgah di kedai buat set tilam+bantal kekabu untuk
baby...=). Actually mmg my husband dah mention balik kampung nanti nk buat set tilam+bantal baby. Otw tu plak mmg banyak pokok2 kekabu nih so my mom yg excited tgk pokok2 kekabu ni menyuarakan pendapat supaya buat set tilam+bantal baby nih..

"Ma tgk banyak je pokok kekabu tepi2 jalan ni...boleh la tempah set tilam+bantal untuk baby..."

Alang-alang xbuat apa2 pagi tu (sebab kenduri tghari & guna catering je..hihi =p), so me, my husband, my mom and mom-in-law singgah2 le kat kedai2 buat bantal kekabu tu untuk tempah set untuk baby....nasib baik la ma & mak ada sama.....senang, diorang je pilih-pilihkan nk design camna2 untuk baby!

Lepas je tempah set tilam+bantal untuk baby, me, my husband and my parents p jalan2 ke Pasar Lambak di Bota Kiri..... sebab buat set tilam tu xtempah sekali dengan sarung sebab xde yang comel & kami pun jalan2 kat pasar pagi kat Bota Kiri ni carik2 kain cotton untuk dibuat sarung bantal + tilam baby.... luckily my mom sangat laa arif pasal kain2 ni...dia yg tolong pilih2 kan kain cotton yang berkualiti tinggi + sejuk + selesa + best untuk baby! time kasih ma!!!=)

Pastu jalan2 lagi jumpa barut baby yang sangat berkualiti dan kain yg dia guna untuk jahit pun best!so nampak je terus beli gak!=).murah je!RM10/3 pieces tau!!Alhamdulillah...xpayah bazir duit beli kat supermarket..hihi

Then t/hari plak ada buat semayang hajat & doa adalah seperti di bawah!=)

Antara tetamu yang datang..=)

With my beloved mom yang sempat posing - nak jadi "tok ma" dah....hihi =p

My dad in pink, bakal jadi ''tok abah", ayah in blue, bakal jadi "tok" =p

Member husband yg sempat datang...=)

Alhamdulillah.....dalam pukul 3 ptg kenduri pun selesai....dapat juga 5 botol air semayang hajat untuk saya minum nanti =).

Malam plak hantar my mom & dad ke stesen bas di Medan Gopeng untuk balik Kelantan..nasib baik la Kelantan dapat cuti free the next day sempena bola!kira bring forward cuti hari Jumaat jadi cuti hari Ahad my mom xyah rush pergi sekolah keesokkan la..hihi

"Saya & husband sekeluarga dengan ini ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi hadir untuk kenduri doa selamat ini...Doakan kami + baby semoga dirahmati Allah and dipermudahkan segalanya...amin..."

p/s: Lately dah masuk 30 weeks nih jari kaki & tangan semua bengkak...bangun tidur je xleh gerak jari coz sister kate itu normal and it's called edema!!!Esok plak dah genap 31 weeks!weeeeeeeeeeee!~~~~~~~dah jadi single digit counting nih...9 weeks left to go..semakin berdebar & excited!my husband plak tiap2 hari cium perut saya & cakap dengan baby yang "papa xsabr tunggu baby kuar..=)" so sweet........