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♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

Monday, April 26, 2010

We got our wedding card!yey!!=)

ini bukan kad saya.ini sumber ilham saya dari mr google.hihi =p

Salam all dear brides....& brides to be..=)

How was your day today?

Alhamdulillah, finally card saye dah siap!yey. simple yet modern *perasan* hihi.=p. Remember my post about this?

Our card turns out to be lovely and just what we imagined it to be...syukur pada Allah.... although our card xde la warna2 coz we just picked up silver & white as the theme, but it was beautiful at least to our eyes. =)

We picked up our wedding card on Saturday, 17 April after we were told that it's done!yey! The most shocking thing is: we got 4 free "banting"s as we ordered more than 1000pieces. They turned out to be lovely too!!!=))

"Imagine how happy i am....hehe =p."

Everthing turns out to be easy n clearer for us now. Moga ALLAH terus permudahkan urusan kami. Pray for us okey?=). Semoga all brides to be yg lain juga happy with the preparations!May Allah bless us all!amin....

Ops, more updates =):
1) I bought our honeymoon tickets today 26 April 2010!yey. \(^o^)/
2) Currently finalizing our honeymoon schedule!
3) Di mana kami akan berbulan madu bersama?still rahsia.......hahahaha =p

p/s: I'll post the actual pic of my wedding card later ye?=).


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hunting for a peep toe!=)

black is always my all time fav!!!♥

Salam all....
Daku berasa sungguh sgt laaa malas skrg nk update blog...huhu.namun, byk bnda berlaku last weekend....di mana saya n my prince dengan berjayanya cari kasut hantaran buat saya!!yahoooooo!!!hihihi .*maaf ye....terover excited =p*

Actually, last 2 weekends, i n my prince dah pergi midvalley untuk cari kasut idaman ini....unluckily, yg i suka pun dh tinggal last pair & i was on display!=(. nk bt camna....xda la rezeki...huhu.pergi cari2 jalan2 sluruh midvalley tuh xjumpa2 gak yg berkenan di hati....

so habis wekend tuh begitu sahaja....huhu

Last wekend plak, Sabtu 17 April yg lepas, misi mencari kasut pun bermula lagi. Kali ini kami menuju ke jalan TAR untuk ke SOGO....heheh. tmpat pertama yg dituju adalah tingkat 1 (yeke...tmpt kasut2 tu....)..i terbekenan satu kasut lewre tp my prince kata xlawa sangat...coz xde bling2 macam yg bawah ini.

mcam ni lbih kurang kasut dia....minus the rhinestones. =)

tp my prince kata xlawa myb becoz xnmpk grand.....kalau ada "bling bling" skit baru lah ok..huhu.

cari punya cari lagi kami pun ternampak outlet clarks. yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finallly........... jumpa jgak akhirnya.saya tersenyum lebar.=D.Tanpa buang masa trus je beli kasut di situ...huhu. part yg lagi bestnye:

"a bit pricey tp luckily my prince yg bayar.....yey.hahahahaha. thanks sayang =p"
my fav: slingback + peep toe. *i lykeeeee*.mcm nih lah kasutnya...except for warna lain lah..hehe

Alhamdulillah........jumpa juga kasut yg di hantaran almost 100 % done!

p/s: Coming up next!The unexpected price of Anolon Advance (baru tau ada jual kat Sogo)......hehehe


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sapa ada kenal travel agent for honeymoon???

Salam all! (^_^).

Quick updates.skrg sanggaattttlah busy ok. I'm looking for a travel agent for our honeymoon.
Preferred someone yang dekat dengan Putrajaya lah kan....senang..

Give me quotations for 4/5 days and 4/3 nights:

Honeymoon package kat
Krabi Island

Thanks for the help dear all!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: I know lagi 2 bulan xsmpt nk carik tmpt nk honeymoon kat mana....huhuhu.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help needed pleasee!!=)

Dearest friends....

Help me find this "ranting kayu" please...!I can't find it anywhere whether kat Nilai or SSF...=(.

Thanks in advance!!!!=)

p/s: Or can i chopped down some pokok di jalanan?hehehe =p


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding of my friend....Zaa!=)

Salam all!!~(^_^)-

I'm busy preparing for my wedding day lately. There's soo much things to do but with so little time.....but no worries!i'll update about my preparations later ya!

So, here's a quick & short updates.=) about my friend's wedding.

Her color combination was super gorgeous!I heart ♥ their colors soo much!!!Congratulations dear!!!=).Sorry I can't make it to your beautiful day.

The happily married couple

The beautiful bride =)

Their pelamin settings

owh btw, this is their reception at Ampang (i guess so). hehehe. I couldn't attend their wedding becoz of my fiance's condition but I knew that it was a magical day ever for them.

"Congratulations dear!!May Allah Bless you always....!"

p/s: My cuzin's wedding coming up next!=)