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♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

♥ My first w-day shopping trip to Nilai =) ♥

black & white rack

close-up: the beautifully decorated black & white bakul mengkuang

Salam all!!~ (^-^)

How's everybody's preps?ok tak....seriously rite now i often susah nk tdo coz fikir macam2 pasal preps nk kawin nih...=(.sometimes i got a severe headache.I want everthing to be perfect.I want my dreams to become true. susah kan coz kita xkan selalu dapat apa yang kita i fikir mcm2....mcm mana nk diy n so on.mana nk cari w-ding dresses...etc2... (i guess most of us pun macam tuh jugak kan..) xpe la...just bear with it for a while....=).sometimes it can be exciting! penat nk melilau cari barang2 la...huhu.ok la.ok so, last Saturday i went to Nilai coz my fiance sudi bawa ke first destination untuk meronda2 adalah kedai ThankQ. Sungguh besar n bykk sgt branch dia tp i stop kat 1 kedai nih penat pusing2 coz actually i pun xtau apa yg hendak dibeli.....coz doing my first surveying trip.hihi.

Tp, i beli jugak la riben n gam for diy favor bag nti & also for our w-dg xbyk type yg ada.xbest sangat la shopping riben kat situ.

anyone yg tau kat mana ada jual ribbons yg byk designs?

i shopping for 2 hours je. saja ronda2 jalan2 di petang hari...ihihih.lagipun pergi sana one road je.kitorg xde pun pusing2....jalan di kedai2 yang dekat dengan kereta je..then i went to tepaksireh. and i fall in with this!!!!!

sukeeeee coz menepati citarasa i untuk hantaran kristal.yeay!=)

i plan nak letak cincin.tgk dlu camna......hihi.depends n my decorator la nti kan?=p.i saw this at thankQ tp harga mhl jugak....kat tepaksireh is much cheaper ok!

That's all. Sekarang nih confius nk pilih warna apa untuk hntran coz black n white sgt gojes ok!

p/s: Best jugak pergi Nilai.just kene kuar duit je part yang xbest.hehe.=p


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exactly 6 months to go!!!=) ♥

Salam all!~

How's preparations everbody?Hope semuanya doing fine!=)Currently i banyak jadi silent reader je coz xsempat nk update blog..hihi.But owh well, lagi 6 months to go before kami diijab kabulkan dan sah menjadi suami isteri.amin =).I don't know why....I've becoming more n more excited dan bersemangat untuk buat preparations for our w-day!!hehe.MyEm0.Com

Well,last Saturday genap la lagi 6 months for our w-day. So, we decided to go for 'wedding hunting' la kan. We went to LH Creative Concepts dekat dengan Jalan Pudu on Sunday coz beloved fiancé pergi Johor for his friend’s wedding on Saturday. Punya la susah nk jumpa kedai nih coz me n my fiancé xde plan pun nk pergi tgk w-card but since we have nothing else to do on Sunday, so kami pun pergi je lah. Luckily we found them after an hour.huhu. Just as decribed by our friend, it was located quite near to the Caltex station. We just park our car there at the station since susah sgt dapat parking kat situ tau!

Sampai kat sana around 4.00pm. I saw few couples tgh belek2 card. Honestly, price die quite okay la since we’ve been to 'Gedungkadkahwin' before and pricier than this & it’s within out budget range.hehe suka2!!=)MyEm0.Com

The salesgirl told us that we can bring back few samples for our future reference.Tapi we have to put RM50 as deposit. My fiance plak kata xnak survey2 lagi dah coz their price was quite reasonable so we just paid RM50 and brought back few samples. Yang bestnya kat sni kita bleh customize sendiri kad nak buat camne...huhu.not bad ah actually.So kitaorg pun byr RM50 and take home some of their cards.

So right now tinggal nk customize the card je!my fiance suka card seperti di atas ok!I pun suka coz mmg we decided for a clear white card (suci bersih gitu) with a classy look.But i nk letak ribbons la later.hehe.xdecide lagi camna.nt i put some of their samples here okey!!

Good Luck everybody in yr preparations!=)

p/s: Best rupanya pergi survey2 barang ni.hehe.=p


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've transferred!=)

fellow friends =)
Salam all!!~(^_^)~

Been soo long since I’ve last updated this blog!berhabukk tau!!I ididn’t have time to write act. I’ve been travelling and doing a lot of things. THINGS BEEN CRAZY FOR ME!!!Byk bnda xsempat nk update.Well, if ada masa nti i update ye!Btw, walaupun, it's a lil bit late, I still wanna wish all of you:


Makan daging tu beringat skit ye...I've gained 2 kgs tau in 2 weeks.isk2.=(.bila nak start diet nih....

Ok lah, camni ceritanya, On November 12th, I’ve been transferred to other Ministry. I was in shocked actually since I really thought that I’ll stay at my current place. I didn’t even have a chance to pack my stuffs!huhuhu……tp owh, well, InsyaAllah, I xkisah di mana I berada, I akan terus berkhidmat untuk negara, bangsa dan agama. Cheewahh…hihi. I’ve been to Kluang, Johor for about 5 days and then on Thursday, Nov 12th, terus dapat penempatan baru.

So, I officially entered this current Ministry yang terletak di atas bukit on 16th November. Well, for the first two weeks, library is our office. hehehe. I was nice though. Having most of our times to chit chat before been assigned to our divisions =p . Obviously we’re not gonna see each other often in the future. Bila masing2 dah start busy dengan kerja, weekend pun belum pasti dapat jumpa.

Well, please pray for me ye. I’ve heard that my job here is quite tough compared to before. U’ll never make it through if u doesn’t have the guts. Hihi. Currently I dah dapat my department and will start my job soon!=)

Hope that I can make it to the end. Aminkan ye!=).Owhs, aminkan our wedding on June ini dan semoga kami kekal sepanjang hayat juga!=)

p/s: Syukur Alhamdullillah my fiance xda sebarang halangan bila bertukar ni…what’s more, dia yang byk bagi sokongan n nasihat. Only God knows how much I appreciate it dear. U SOO MUCH sayang!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Urghhh!fall in LOVE with these!=)

Salam all!! (^_^)

the most adorable of all time *will be featured on my w-day.InsyaAllah*

Sorry lama xupdate ye.too much work to do but too little time....huhu.Well, I guess preparing for RMK-10 wasn't an easy job at all. and luckily our PM announced that gov. workers will get RM500 as so to fulfill "1 Malaysia"'s promise.Hrm, lucky for us since our current economic situation doesn't allow us to get any bonus this yer.huhu.ok.tutup kisah's not interesting at all for me.

Well, all brides-to-be, i found this online when searching for something nice for my w-day centerpiece.and guess how I FALL IN LOVE WITH THESE!!!Nice one to have on my w-day.

1. The Walkaway n Entrance

2. Sweets for a lovely day

3. my future theme nice ok!

4. Love is in the air...

5. The perfect arch.*seswai untuk hall reception *

Well, amazing isn't it?Hehehe....on my w-day nti I dream to have this as my centerpiece.*Nice one to try*.hehehe. I want 1 and 3!Jum kita memulakan misi mencari ballons ini!=)

for more info about it, please click here

p/s: I'll post somemore about it later ye!=)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Owh the soo gorgeous w-day of my friend!!\!(^o^)/

A Love Story
Me & my prince during his cuzin's engagement day (Sat, 3rd Oct 2009)

Salam all!!(^_^)

Sihat kah sume?hihihi.I've been busy attending w-day lately.Best sgt!!Last wekend je ada invitation majlis bertunang (my prince's cuzin ) & the majlis reception (our friend).

I was quite "teruja" with one of my friend's w-day @ Rembau, N9 on Sunday. She's beautiful in any way so her w-day also was gorgeous I say!!!Exactly what I've pictured in my mind..hehe (♥)

Love their pelamin & everthing else onthat day!!!!!=) Her theme was soft pink & black.....sweeeett sangat ok!...♥♥♥!!

1. the canopy

2. Tmpat tgk orang menari piring outside the house?hehe.i don't know about this.myb rembau punya stlye menari piring instead of silat.=p

3. Table center piece

4. All of us together.♥ u girls!!!!

5. The gorgeous pelamin!!See the sparkles at the back?I lykeeeeee~!♥

Sorry I didn't have the bride & groom's picture yang lawa2..hihi.I''ll update later ye!baju dia pun sangattt2 lahhh cantiiikkkkk ok!!!Soft pink songket with black patchesss!!

More pics coming up later!=)


Monday, September 28, 2009

Kelantan PhotoAura: Pics that I adore..~~=)

kredit to aweenrashdan

Salam all!~~ (^_^) ~~

I've made my decision (but not final.hehehe). I nak hire this photographer aweenrashdan for my official photographer. Her skills was superb! Lgpun she did cover area Kelantan. yeay!=)

Told my prince already about this. He said that it's quite pricey.yeke????. Maybe I did think the same way too. But after surveying other sites, I do think that the price is quite reasonable.

Can somebody suggest me an excellent photographer to cover my w-day at Kelantan please......!

Somebody told me that I can get photographer, complete set of dais, and wedding dresses for only RM1500 from one boutique kat Kelantan. I haven't spend my time surveying on this yet cause I spend most of my time working! hahaha. I didn't even have a chance to go back to Kelantan (2 bulan sekali ada la).So, what I did is only online surveying. Will it worth it? Hope so!=). Amin.

Do you mind spending so much money just for the photography event? I don't! tgk bajet jugak le kan....=)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

My bestfriend w-day on 4th Syawal & a story behind it

Salam all!!(^_^)

Forgive me for not updating this blog.....actually, during my Eid Celebration this year a lot of things happen...but well, I'm gonna tell u'all later kay!

Ok lah, Madihah (aka Makdik) was my schoolmate when I was in Faris Petra (1998-2002). She got engaged on the same day as mine!(31 May 2009) and her solemnization was on the 1st raya yang lepas.

What a beautiful date kan? (She got tied on 20.09.2009 @ 1st Syawal) and her b-day is on the 21th!~~kira 2 celebrations in one night le....hehehe.Alhamdulillah...skrg dah selamat jadi isteri orang ye makdik!!tp i'm still waiting for my turn!Pray for me too ya!!=)

I got there at her house at 7pm. Impian nk bertemu dengan all my schoolmates pun hancur berkecai.....actually, I was ready to meet her at 12pm. Nak tgk bersanding sumer but I got into an accident half an hour after I depart from my home....malas nk cerita kat sni coz aku still fobia gak..... =(

So, after bt police report, I went to her home....dah le hujan we got there exactly at 7pm....(my mum's drove me there..nasib baik lauk=pauk kenduri masih ada....lapar btul time hujan2..hihi)

So,gmbar2 dengan pengantin baru pun xbanyak... tp xpe la...enjoy ye!!!=)

1. Accidentally met my juniors.Dah xcam...rupa masing2 dah lain..huhu

2. The Bride & the Groom, me and my sister

3. I didn't have a chance to arrive on time for her sanding.....(most of my friends make it there)

4. Makdik sudah pakai baju biasa coz I arrived @ 7 pm....(can u c the "sembabness" of my eyes? Bru lps nangis after accident =(

Sometimes, benda yang tak diduga biasanye terjadi....sejak kejadian accident tuh, aku rasa aku lebih bersyukur kepada Ilahi di atas segala kurniaanNya kepadaku....mungkin kejadian itu ada hikmah di sebaliknya....luckily me and my sister were okay...=).Alhamdulillah coz kami pkai seatbelt...keadaan kereta nk kate teruk tak le jugak but it costs me almost RM3k for repairing....(nasib baik bleh claim insurans....)

So tomorrow, I'll be leaving Kelantan with a new car. Naza Suria. Luckily mum bought one before raya. Syukur Alhamdulillah...Although the accident was not my fault (coz kene langgar dari pemandu yang x bertanggungjawab dari belakang), I was still in shocked. But I am grateful coz it happens for a reason.

p/s: May Allah Bless us always....terutamanya kepada bakal-bakal pengantin semua..!Semoga selamat memandu pulang ke kota ye rakan2!Pray for me too!!Amin...



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri....*my last Raya sebagai seorang yg single* =)

Salam all!!~~(^o^)

balik kampung OoOoOoOoOOOO balik kampunggggg How's preparation nk balik raya?sure xcited sume2 nih...i pun kat office today baru bleh rest skit bt kerja dalam my room je.hehehe.apa lagi, curik peluang tulis jap blog yang dah berhabuk nih.!~=p

*raye raye raye yay!*

Tahun nih, it's my turn to give "angpau" to my siblings & cuzins, relatives etc2...almaklumlah..this year dah kira status "sudah berkerjaya".

*tak dapat dah le duit raya tahun ni.....isk*

Kiranya baru this year 2009 i dapat feel bagi angpau kat orang....merasa perasaan balik kampung ramai2.....merasa suasana tukar duit di bank....merasa shopping2 barang2 raya...coz i didn't have a chance to experience this before..

Alhamdulillah kiranya this year aku dapat merasai semua pengalaman ini....& yang pling menggembirakan aku this year adalah raya terakhir aku sebagai seorang yang year InsyaAllah sudah bersuami dah=p

*my dear prince,kira raya nih decide next yer nk balik kampung mana dah ye!hehe =p*

Alhamdulillah juga sebab all my siblings ada masa raya nih!!i'm not sure whether tahun depan i boleh beraya sesama mereka lagi or not coz takut balik kampung husband lak next yer.huhu.

So, to all the bloggers! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI ye....maaf zahir & batin!!!


p/s: I'm going home tonight at 3am.Jum sape2 area Kelantan kita konvoi ramai2~!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quick update!-tq tag

Salam all!! (^_^)

Just nk tnya....any places that i can go to have something like this?Any suggestion kat maner nk print?Nak bt sendiri but xreti....boleh tak?huhuhu..kalau ada ready made template lagi me plizz!~

Tengkiu allll~~muah!


Friday, August 21, 2009

1st Ramadhan.....=)

Ah lan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan.....

Tetamu agung.....Ya Allah...kembalikan Ramadhan yang lebih baik dari tahun lepas..

Doa hari pertama bulan Ramadhan:

"Ya Allah, jadikanlah puasaku, puasa orang benar-benar berpuasa. Dan ibadah malamku, ibadah orang benar-benar mengerjakan ibadah. Dan jagalah aku dari tidurnya orang yang lalai. Hapuskanlah dosaku wahai Tuhan sekalian alam. Dan Ampunilah aku wahai Tuhan maha pengampun daripada segala dosa..."

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa seribu keberkatan kepada bakal2 pengantin seperti kita...=). Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Mubarak!!

p/s: As for me, I am really excited because this will be my last time puasa sebagai seorang yang "single". Next puasa dah kene masak juadah buka & sahur to my beloved hubby!InsyaAllah.. (^_^)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The expensive dinner...=)

Salam all!!! (^_^)

Been busy lately so malas nk update blog!huhu...*selalu pun bz gak...tsk*.

Well, last wekend was an enjoyable wekend. Me & my prince went otw nk jalan2 tuh nth mengapa kami got into a fight..not really a fight la....more like a quarrel..memang.aku tak nafikan yang aku & my fiance once a best friend. Kami selalu kutuk mengutuk each other & sllu juga gaduh pasal aku nih kebudak-budakan skit.... while my fiance sungguh maju kedepan and matured!hahaha.almaklumlah.....1st class honor student during our University years dlu...huhu =p. I love the way he thinks.....byk benda dia fikir for our future.hihi

Well, salah aku merajuk xtentu pasal, and of course becoz aku nih degil.kate orang being the 3rd child symbolizes "api" while my prince is the first so dia memiliki ciri2 tanah.....*sebab tuh dia rilek2 je aku marah2...hahaha* Sabar jak =p. Sorry ye sayang.....

So, tgh gduh2 tuh otw nak balik umah lapar la since dia janji nk belanja Tony Roma's Steak becoz aku lulus assesment, I decided to follow. Lagipun this is my 1st time makan steak kat Tony Roma....dalam merajuk2 tuh aku follow je nk makan mana....*perut haruslah juga di isi walaupun tgh merajuk* sebab bab makan memang ku tak mengalah!hahahah

1. My dearest prince with his Rib Eye Steak....

2. My deliciously yummy lamb chop with mashed potatoes...!♥

3. Iced lemon tea with pan bread...!♥

Harus di akui....this is the first time yang makan untuk 2 orang je mencecah RM120++!!Itu pun after discount! Sungguh xdisangka....hhuhuhu. Owh well.....luckily steak dia sangat best!!!nyum nyummmmyyy!!!tp mula2 start makan tuh my & my prince xsembang byk....masing2 malas nk layan after a while,kami pun okey sebab makanan pun sedap. Nak tak nak kene mengalah gak....huhu...then kami pun berbaik semula...ecececece =p

Then my prince cakap "next time kene tunggu hari btul2 special baru leh makan mahal2.." otherwise habis duit kat makan je nti...hihi.Thank you so much dear....!!This is my first time trying a steak combo....and it was delicious!!!

Makan bersama is a good theraphy for yr relationship.Try it =p. Have a nice day!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Cindellyna's Future Reception =)

Salam all!! (^_^)

Some random updates jugak.hihi.sory ye....lately i've been busy preparing stuffs for my ministry...adehh..penat wor...*sape kate keje gomen xpenat* tsk.

After doing some surveys, I've sort of want to have this as my prelim reception ideas!Love them so much becoz of the pink color!hhihihihi =p.

1. the lovely cake

2. outdoor deco

3. for my dear bridesmaids
4. the hand bouquet
5. the prince & princess canopy

So far, this is what i've decided. Now, it's time to make it turns into a reality!

p/s: and owh.....i'll have to calculate the budjet for it juga.=).



Saturday, August 8, 2009

My future wedding dresses! =)

Salam all!!(^_^)

A little updates here.Have no time to write!Tp saja nk bt entry nih coz i takut lupa nti...hehehe.But owh well.....sometimes

" A picture is worth than thousand words" kan? =p so,

xxxxxxxxx ENJOY!xxxxxxxxx

Pakaian is Siti inspired by RizmanRuzaini. the design so much as it fits muslimah like me!=)

p/s:Runway model tuh pakai color yang sungguh cantik!!I wonder if I can have those dresses to be transformed into some "pakaian yang menutup aurat".hehehe =p


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

♥ The miracle treatment ♥ =)

Salam all!!(^_^)

Lama tak update blog ini kan?Sorry ye......I was too busy with my routine work kt office...Susah juga nk sediakan input for RMK-10 nih ye.Banyak projection project yang kene buat. Well, xpe lah, belajar kan? hihihi. But I'll have to make sure that I tell u all about this:

Last two weekends, I went to Puchong with my friends....I just don't know what's on his mind but when I reach there, I saw a bunch of ppl including the spa's owner (featured beberapa kali la dalam RAPI magzs and all that), a few other professional ppl (doctors etc).

Then, ada free blood test. Jariku dicucuk dengan jarum *Ouch* untuk ambil setitik darah. Then, she put in on a slide under a microscope. Microscope tuh di sambung with a computer so I can see clearly what's happening with my blood.

Aku tgk sel darah merah aku doesn't look very nice to me....It’s sticky and doesn’t flow nicely……then his assistant pun explain la why darah aku camnih...katanya aku on diet tapi tak well-balanced...& that's why my blood is a bit acidic....*owh i see...memang pun*=p

my blood looks like something like this *sorry i didn't take my blood's pic....xsangka ada blood test.I just go there 4 fun je =p*

As for my friends yang datang bersama, sorang tuh ada black crystal dalam sel darah merah dia since he’s a heavy smoker, and sorang lagi on long term medications.

Later, she put some cream on my hand & shoulders. Dia kate wait for about 30 minutes & then she gonna check my blood again. So I sat down for a while and test my blood 30 minutes later.

and guess what....????? darah aku yang berketul2 tadi sudah bertukar normal!!it just flow nicely in shape like the picture above! i'm quite surprised acually since 30 minit je aku dah rasa segar dan okay. My fiance plak since condition of his body xberapa elok....since he has resdung and so on, he actually feels better after the treatment dan darah dia pun sudah okay!

.........somewhat a miracle I believe...........

So,after dengar some explainations from the owner, aku terus beli cream itu! Namanya: RESVIVA!! (Search ye for this term online if berminat...=p).

For every bride-to-be, you can try this untuk mendapatkan wajah yang berseri-seri!=)

Terkjut juga bila kawan aku cakap yang his dad yang juga seorang doctor telah bagi nenek dia pakai "wellness cream” ini. It’s unbelievable when his grandma yang hmpir xleh buka mata sebab wrinkles dah actually dapat buka skit mata dia after pkai cream nih…wahh..macam kelakar pun ada kan?hehehe.=p

I feel confident with this product so then immediately, I bought a few for myself, my mom & my sis..Alhamdulillah….setakt nih I really2 love it!I feel a lot better & full of energy everyday...and my skin condition is obviously better than before!

I did suggested this to my bos too….(he’s diabetic & haven’t eating rice since a couple of years ago becoz nk jaga sugar level dalam blood dia….)

Guess what? bila dia try ni, die trus beli from me! (I have 1 extra at that time). He said that he can feel his blood flowing tru his body. The funny thing is dia kata after dia pkai cream nih, he can feel that it tickles cause his blood is flowing freely trough his body! Well today, he just ordered one more from me since he wants to share it with his wife

Some ppl might not experience this coz he said that he's really sensitive to changes! hehe. Kelakar kan?=p. Well, it's interesting to share this to the other ppl. If you have time and want to test your blood & this product, ada open day this saturday:

Host:Unify Network Marketing
Time:12:00PM Saturday, August 8th
Location:Puchong (dekat IOI mall)

Well dear friends, sharing is caring kan? I just share the information that I knew. If you want to try it yrself, go do some blood test kat their compny.It’s free of charge!!!

p/s: Ajak other beautiful ladies out there too coz sharing is caring!!!=) and owh, ada peluang untuk berbisness too if berminat!!!!=)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reminiscing the old times....=)

cindellyna @ old trafford's stadium!=)

Salam all....!!!How's everbody's life? Hope that everthg's fine & may all your planning goes smoothly & more importantly,"happy becoming the sweetest bride in the world!"=)

I was googling when I saw this picture of mine in some old trash folder.huhu. I am a fan of Manchester United. My fiance too. But owh well, there has been a lot of rumors bout the team lately. hehehe. When I saw this pic, I suddenly realized that I am grateful for what I am now....=). Somehow, I managed to travel all around the world during my so-called-university years...huhu

Some places I went b4:
1) USA (of course!been to 45 states.5 left....xsmpat nk pusing habis...)huhu
2) UK (went to MU's stadium, liverpool, Harrod's, London Bridge, Oxford Street..etc)
3) Spain (Madrid etc)
4) Italy (Venice, Rome.......etc)
5) France (went to Eiffel tower.....etc)

So now, I am thinking about traveling my own country. I've never been to Sabah before. Ppl say it's really beautiful & you can travel to lots of places there. * I'm thinking my honeymoon kat Sabah or Sipadan Island*. ok tak?Any suggestions?

Ok.honestly, I am a bit dissapointed for not knowing so much about my own country....Perhaps I have to spend more time travellling Msia first. I do think that M'sia has the nicest beach in the world. Why should I go somewherelse if I can have all the nicest views here?

Later agenda in my life this year; I want to explore all islands in M'sia. Sound really exciting isn't it? Probably the cheaper way for your honeymoon destination too!=).

want to go to Redang Island so badly..........!Can't wait!=). Ops, sory juga ye because this entry has nothing to do with "wedding". Hehehe


Monday, July 20, 2009

Kulit gebu, putih & berseri for every bride-to-be!=)

Salam all..........!!=)

A sincere apology from me because I've been too busy lately..& that's what been keeping me from updating this blog.hehehe.=p.Wekend is over already!I didn't realize time flies too fast.......I guess you also won't be able to realize how fast you've grown up. Wahh...when I think about it again, I didn't even realized that I've been changing my habits accordingly to my age (heh).I noticed that I am getting older now & I no longer love the "kelakarness" of those Ujang or Utopia mags....I prefer to read something more matured now like majalah IMPIANA, RAPI, PENGANTIN, CLEO, DECO etc...It's all about ♥♥♥♥, life, health, family, and future. I believe that some of you feel the same way too. Isn’t it?Betul kan?Kalau nk tahu, try list some of yr favs from the past. Compare to what u are right now. Then u’ll know=)

Well, this time it’s not exactly about some of wedding thingy but more on “petua-petua” traditional that you can try…..DIY at home je.Ops! I guess I can just called this entry as “DIY favs” then?hehehee.*baru je terfikir.=p*.Hrm, I always wonder juga…why, Asian ppl love to have fairer skin when the European ppl just love to have “tanned” or “sun-kissed” skin? The truth is, when I was in States, they always adore my “tanned” skin. They think I am lucky to have a very nice skin color. Some sort of a perfect combination of skin color. hehehe =p. Not too fair, and a little bit tanned. *actually kat msia dah kira putih dah nih*hehehe. For yr info, not all Kelantanese ppl are fair u know. Some of them je! Cause I heard most ppl are saying that Kelantanese ppl have a fairer skin. Most of us la...not all..hehe

Well, honestly, from my p.o.v, people tend to go against nature. Kita sanggup spend almost thousands of RM to get fairer, American sanggup spend the same amount of money to get tanned. For them, "tanned is always hot & sexy" but for us, having a white, fairer skin is somewhat a ‘must’ especially to every bride-to-be kan? I can’t deny the fact that I LOVE to have a fairer skin too….I spend almost quarter of my salary to buy health & beauty products. heehe. But well, u can try all these “petuas” too.They works!!!!!!Try it yourself =). It’s a cheaper way to get fairer & pretty before your w-day.=).N-way,bersyukurlah atas apa yang kita miliki juga ye.
"Be grateful for what u are now " =)

Sources: Taken from everywhere!

Kulit cantik dan putih.

1) Bancuh susu tepung bersama air sejuk. Sapukan di muka dan biarkan kering seketika. After that basuh dengan air. Lakukan selalu. See the difference!=) (♥!)

2) Inginkan kulit cantik dan putih? Anda boleh lakukan sendiri di rumah tanpa perlu ke salun kecantikan. Caranya sangat mudah iaitu dengan hanya menggunakan tepung ubi kayu dan mentimun yang dihancur bersama. Campurkan sedikit air dan pastikan adunan tak terlalu cair.Sapukan pada muka dan biarkan kering. Cara ini dapat menegang, mencerah dan menyegarkan kulit muka!

3) Ambil air rebusan beras. Sapu dimuka dan biarkan kering seketika. Kemudian bilas. Amalkan selalu. (♥!)

4) Ambil sebiji limau nipis dan belah dua.Gosok pada muka dan seluruh badan ketika mandi. Hasilnya kulit semakin cerah, licin dan berbau harum!!!

Menghaluskan/menyerikan kulit muka.

1)Bancuh air asam jawa bersama tepung ubi. Kacau hingga menjadi larutan pekat dan tampal dimuka sebagai pupur. Biarkan kering selama 15 minit dan barulah dibilas.

2)Ambil putih telur dan campurkan dgn sedikit madu (utk kulit biasa) @ limau nipis (utk kulit berminyak). Celupkan tisu ke dlm putih telur dan letakkan seluruh muka selama 15 - 20 minit. Tunggu sehingga kering dan tarik tisu tersebut. 'Whitehead' dan bintik hitam akan tertanggal bersama. Lakukan 2 kali seminggu utk kesan yg memuaskan

3) Skrub yang mudah!Ambil sedikit oat dan perahkan sedikit lemon dan campurkan sedikit madu. Sapu pada muka. Lakukan sekurangnya 2 kali seminggu.

4) Serikan wajah dengan merendam teh semalaman. Sapu pada seluruh muka keesokan harinya sebelum mandi. Wajah anda akan beransur-ansur licin dan kelihatan segar. (♥!)

Pulihkan kulit terbakar akibat matahari

1)Parutkan jagung muda dan tomato kemudian ambil patinya.Gaul dengan 1 camca madu. Sapu pada keseluruhan kulit. Amalkan setiap hari.Lihat hasilnya. (♥!)

If tak berkesan, try other products okey.I am a newbie though. As for me, I am still considering to buy SK II Miracle Water Treatment…..but it is worth the price & time left before my w-day?It will costs me RM 300++ tau….huhuhu

You can try these products too:
1)Tia Amelia Whitening Set (RM 90-set)
2) OLAY White Radiance (RM 54.90)
3) SHU UEMURA White Recovery EX+ Whitening Lotion (RM 145)
4) CHANEL White Essential Skin Illuminating Program (RM 364-set).
5) CLARINS White Plus HP Intensive Whitening with Snow Lotus (RM 480-set)

p/s: Get a lot of Vitamin A, C and E too…….( I got all these vitamins from Vemma juice)! I love to share. Share the product u ! Sharing is caring!=)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ingin baju nikah yang cantik? Kenali fabriknya =)

what kind of fabric do you think she's wearing?=)

Salam all.....!!!!=)

Tiba-tiba malam ni rasa nak update juga blog nih walapun xde benda menarik.hehehe.I don't know why........I just feel that this is yet the best place to share my so-called "emotional" moments...huhu. Honestly, I didn't want to share all these writings with the people I that I can see and meet everday. I only love to share with my on9 friends. I feel free to speak and write what I want. I feel that it won't be a surprise anymore if we share these with people that we know. But of course, sooner or later kene juga share kan..?hehehe.but not right now la...since I haven't actually decide my wedding date!=p

After blog hopping & surveying, I found out about the "akad nikah" fabric. Well, suma orang pun nak pkai baju akad nikah tercantik di dunia kan? *me too...* tapi bukan semua fabrik sesuai dengan tubuh kita be careful in choosing the fabric ye?

Some more info about the fabrics: taken from NONA mags. April 09

-Kesan romantik dan feminin akan terserlah dengan kesan dominan renda. Renda juga terdiri daripada jenis contohnya renda Chantily yang halus & boleh melapisi bahan kaku. Lyon yang mempunyai nuasa 'border', Alencon yang mempunyai nuansa bungaan dan renda Vanesia yang umpama jaring dan mempunyai border.

-Bahan sulaman yang timbul umpama gelombang. Jika ingin dilihat mewah, pilih warna emas. Sulaman broked Cina lagi bagus coz ia lebih 'detail' and kompleks.

-Fabrik ini ditenun dari 2 kepompong. Permukaan kain tak rata tapi fabrik ini halus dan elegan. Fabrik ini tak melambai tapi lebih ringan dari satin Duchesse. Sangat sesuai untuk gaun kembang.

-Cirinya ringan dan berjaring halus. Biasanya digunakan sebagai skirt di bahagian dalam gaun. Namun boleh juga digunakan di bahagian. luar gaun

SATIN ( ♥ ! )
-Dibuat dari kapas atau sutera. Sangat lembut dan licin apabila dipegang. Untuk kesan elegan, satin Duchesse adalah pilihan tepat. Satin sintetik pula berat dan hanya sesuai untuk pakaian dalam.

TAFETA ( ♥ ! )
-Pilihan terbaik untuk gaun. Halus, berkilat, berbunyi gemersik namun tatap selesa apabila dikenakan.

-Fabrik ini lembut dan memiliki pola khusus. Mempunyai rekaan unik dan tidak sesuai untuk semua golongan pemakai. Kalau kene dengan rekaan, gaun akan nampak lain dari kebiasaan.

Well readers, jum share fabrik mana yang menarik untuk digunakan bagi tujuan baju akad nikah!I just knew about this!Maybe u have some better opinion?=). Ops, lagi satu, sure designer baju nikah kita nanti tahu which is the best option right?but it's still better if u know the fabrics well !!It's your 'once in a lifetime event' remember?Don't spoil it.........=)

p/s: Again, sharing is caring! (^_^)


Monday, July 13, 2009


Salam all....!!=)

Warghh...penatnye today....keje banyak kat office.huhu.....but anyway beautiful ladies..... I have one question to ask:

"Will the "hantaran kawin" actually depends on our "status"?

Well, apa yang aku maksudkan ialah jika aku grad from overseas & keje as diplomatic officer, is my hantaran supposed to be expensive (maybe RM10k >?) I wonder why people keep on questioning me about my "hantaran" price. I keep on wondering why manusia zaman sekarang suka melihat kepada status orang tu. Bukan tahap kemampuan dia. Even if kita nak buat majlis simple2 pun, sure ada orang yang berbisik2...kenapa kita tidak buat majlis secara besar-besaran....?bagi aku....kita xperlu tunjuk-menunjuk tentang kehebatan perkahwinan masing2...cukuplah sekadar bersederhana tetapi meriah...kan?'s just something that lingers in my head for a very long time ago...for me it wasn't important if our "hantaran" is not as expensive as the others......but what is the most important is......

our heart.

our promises to be together during good/bad times.

our journey towards happily ever after life.

our ikatan yang direstui Ilahi.

& our future family.....

Me & my prince haven't actually decide about our hantaran yet. We would like to get some opinions from beloved families first. Hantaran less than RM5k is uncommon now.kalau ada pun very rare.even orang berpendapatan sederhana pun sure at least RM8k ++. kan?Aku kasihan juga tgk orang yang kurang berkemampuan terpaksa berkerja keras untuk mencari duit hantaran bagi bakal isteri......well, it's good too...because we'll know they'll work hard to actually get married to the person they love kan...?hehhehehe.=p

I am not being demanding. Syukur to Allah.....I happily accept what my prince offers. I accept his heart as my precious gift ever. Not the hantaran. Not the "kekayaan dunia" that he offers. I only seek for his comfort, his calming voices & his warm shoulders.....and of course, Allah's Blessing in our marriage.....=).

p/s: Let's be honest about this.Share your opinion!Sharing is caring!=)

♥ Love ♥