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♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

♥ The miracle treatment ♥ =)

Salam all!!(^_^)

Lama tak update blog ini kan?Sorry ye......I was too busy with my routine work kt office...Susah juga nk sediakan input for RMK-10 nih ye.Banyak projection project yang kene buat. Well, xpe lah, belajar kan? hihihi. But I'll have to make sure that I tell u all about this:

Last two weekends, I went to Puchong with my friends....I just don't know what's on his mind but when I reach there, I saw a bunch of ppl including the spa's owner (featured beberapa kali la dalam RAPI magzs and all that), a few other professional ppl (doctors etc).

Then, ada free blood test. Jariku dicucuk dengan jarum *Ouch* untuk ambil setitik darah. Then, she put in on a slide under a microscope. Microscope tuh di sambung with a computer so I can see clearly what's happening with my blood.

Aku tgk sel darah merah aku doesn't look very nice to me....It’s sticky and doesn’t flow nicely……then his assistant pun explain la why darah aku camnih...katanya aku on diet tapi tak well-balanced...& that's why my blood is a bit acidic....*owh i see...memang pun*=p

my blood looks like something like this *sorry i didn't take my blood's pic....xsangka ada blood test.I just go there 4 fun je =p*

As for my friends yang datang bersama, sorang tuh ada black crystal dalam sel darah merah dia since he’s a heavy smoker, and sorang lagi on long term medications.

Later, she put some cream on my hand & shoulders. Dia kate wait for about 30 minutes & then she gonna check my blood again. So I sat down for a while and test my blood 30 minutes later.

and guess what....????? darah aku yang berketul2 tadi sudah bertukar normal!!it just flow nicely in shape like the picture above! i'm quite surprised acually since 30 minit je aku dah rasa segar dan okay. My fiance plak since condition of his body xberapa elok....since he has resdung and so on, he actually feels better after the treatment dan darah dia pun sudah okay!

.........somewhat a miracle I believe...........

So,after dengar some explainations from the owner, aku terus beli cream itu! Namanya: RESVIVA!! (Search ye for this term online if berminat...=p).

For every bride-to-be, you can try this untuk mendapatkan wajah yang berseri-seri!=)

Terkjut juga bila kawan aku cakap yang his dad yang juga seorang doctor telah bagi nenek dia pakai "wellness cream” ini. It’s unbelievable when his grandma yang hmpir xleh buka mata sebab wrinkles dah actually dapat buka skit mata dia after pkai cream nih…wahh..macam kelakar pun ada kan?hehehe.=p

I feel confident with this product so then immediately, I bought a few for myself, my mom & my sis..Alhamdulillah….setakt nih I really2 love it!I feel a lot better & full of energy everyday...and my skin condition is obviously better than before!

I did suggested this to my bos too….(he’s diabetic & haven’t eating rice since a couple of years ago becoz nk jaga sugar level dalam blood dia….)

Guess what? bila dia try ni, die trus beli from me! (I have 1 extra at that time). He said that he can feel his blood flowing tru his body. The funny thing is dia kata after dia pkai cream nih, he can feel that it tickles cause his blood is flowing freely trough his body! Well today, he just ordered one more from me since he wants to share it with his wife

Some ppl might not experience this coz he said that he's really sensitive to changes! hehe. Kelakar kan?=p. Well, it's interesting to share this to the other ppl. If you have time and want to test your blood & this product, ada open day this saturday:

Host:Unify Network Marketing
Time:12:00PM Saturday, August 8th
Location:Puchong (dekat IOI mall)

Well dear friends, sharing is caring kan? I just share the information that I knew. If you want to try it yrself, go do some blood test kat their compny.It’s free of charge!!!

p/s: Ajak other beautiful ladies out there too coz sharing is caring!!!=) and owh, ada peluang untuk berbisness too if berminat!!!!=)


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Blood test tu actually makes me feel confident yang this cream mmg btul2 berkesan. Also, comments from my bos...I hope that this information is useful to all beautiful bride-to-be!=)

Sha Pattinson said...

miracle eh much bout that cream ..


The retail price for the wellness cream is RM 230.I bought it from my friend so it costs me RM 200 only!=). This cream can protecct you from cancer too!=. Ada byk lagi khasiat but malas nk explain....=p

Daniera said...

salam... bagus dgr ni. bape hengget n bape ml krim nyer tu? hehe