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♥ Our Anniversary!! =) ♥

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yeay!got my checklist! =)

♥ all the details!=)

Salam all.........!=) stressed me out not knowing the exact date of our wedding. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, I really need a checklist first. *need it so I can really start planning!* wink wink =p

Now I got it so it's time to make it work ppl!!!!! (^-^) * chaiyokk!!!*wish me luck!

6 months before

1. Decide upon a wedding date:
- tak sure lagi…year 2010

2. Decide on your budget:
-RM ????? termasuk kenduri….?

3. Start looking for your wedding outfit.
- Akad Nikah:

4. Decide in your bridesmaids and ushers:
-Bridesmaids: My Sisters
-Flower girls :Lisya,all the girls

5. Decide on your ‘Best Man’:
-Dependson my fiance

6. Fill out any marriage forms:
- Later

7. Go to marriage course:
-Kene ke?=p. I already have the sijil during my INTEC years!

8. Decide on the number of guests and make a list :
-aja: Member faris,kmpk,intec,iowa state

-yeop: kawan hi school etc

9. Book the caterer:
-Done. Upah my auntie & tha geng.=p

10. Book tukang kompang, PA system, entertainment:
- where to booked?

11. Book the photographer & videographer:
- Still looking!~

12. Book the pelamin/decor/hand bouquet:
- Still looking !~

13. Book the honeymoon and apply for a new passport:
- Tak sure honeymoon kat maner. Lagi….hehehe

14. Order the cake:
- Later

15. Confirm all bookings in writing.

16. Start doing regular beauty maintenance –
-Facials, hair treatment, spa.....

5 months before

17. Attend initial fitting for the wedding dress

18. Choose the brides wedding shoes and accessories
-i'm considering Stuart Weiztman's heels

19. Choose the wedding attire for the groom, best man, bridesmaids, fathers, mothers and ushers
- aja's side: maybe brownish gold
-yeop's side : not decided yet

20. Choose the brides and grooms wedding rings
- Already have engagement ring from TOMEI
-Aja: considering Habib's (ring, necklace, bracelet)
-Yeop: Platinum ring. Where to find one????

21. Order your wedding favours and hantaran
-Aja : maybe combination of gold + soft pink for hantarans?
-Yeop : donno yet

22. Order the wedding invitations and other stationery.
-Bali survey?

4 months before

23. Go to a beauty salon and have a makeover
- Spa & hair treatment!Itu is a must!!

24. Book a beautician for your wedding day, if required
-Ini kira mak andam le nih...hihi.I'm still surveying on it.

25. Prepare all the doorgifts
-Not yet decided

26. Prepare bridal bedroom decor.
-New bedsheet?
-New paint?

3 months before

27. Send out the wedding invites

1 month before

28. Arrange for a final fitting of your wedding dress.
- Later

29. Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the canopy people
- Later

30. Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the caterer.
- Senang je!

31. Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the florist.
- Later

32. Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the photographer and videographer
- Later

33. Telephone any guests who have not yet responded to your invitation.

34. Organise a date when you can pick up you’re wedding outfits.

7 Days before

35. Wear-in your wedding shoes. Its will give brides who are not used to walking in high heels a chance to practice.

36. Organise with a close friend to have an emergency wedding kit, just for the bride, containing makeup and a repair kit for the wedding dress, so you can be ready for any minor hiccups through the day.

p/s: Will update the list if necessary. This is only my prelim list!=)

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